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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon

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Stratford-upon-Avon photo page


Two hawks or eagles supporting in their beaks a crest, a coronet above an eagle displayed.

Left Supporter - Winged monster, with hindquarters of a lion, head and shoulders of a monk.

Right Supporter - Winged monster, with hindquarters of a lion, head and shoulders of a nun.


Woman, in tight-fitting dress and loose mantle, seated with hands outstretched towards a unicorn into which a man in forester’s dress is plunging a spear; between them a shield charged with three crosslets patëe, on a chief, a crescent [arms of Peckham]

Supporters - Oak-leaves and acorns.


Two bears counter rampant, muzzled and chained, supporting between them a staff ragulëe [the arms of Warwick]

Left Supporter - Chained ape examining the contents of a flask.

Right Supporter - Chained ape providing a specimen of urine in a flask.


St. George [a knight in the armour of the period]. The figures are flanked on the right by a maiden kneeling in prayer, and a palm tree on the left.

Left Supporter - A grotesque with the hindquarters of a dragon, feet and claws of a bird, and head and shoulders of a jester [damaged]

Right Supporter - A grotesque with the hindquarters of a dragon, feet and claws of a bird, and a man’s head [arranging his beard]


Satanic mask with four horns.

Supporters- Comic mask.


A ram-headed mask.

Left Supporter - A dolphin embowed.

Right Supporter - A goat.


Grotesque demi-figure of a woman leaning on her right arm.

Supporters - Harpy [left one damaged]


Foliate mask.

Left Supporter - Four large leaves forming a collar surround human face.

Right Supporter - Four large leaves forming a collar surround monster’s head.


Mask of woman grimacer. {a scold}

Left Supporter -  Mask of woman grimacer tongue protruding.

Right Supporter - Mask of woman grimacer with object between her teeth.



Supporters - Foliage.


Two-serpentine bodies with their tails knotted together. One serpent has the head of a monster while the other has a woman’s head wearing a dagged edged wimple type head-dress.

Left Supporter - Serpentine figure playing a pipe.

Right Supporter - Man in loose fitting garment emerges from the mouth of a fish; he holds the tail of the fish in one hand and a sword in the other.


A sphinx with rider [carving of rider damaged]

Left Supporter - Male and female fighting. The man has seized the woman by the hair while she is trying to scratch his face.

Right Supporter - A grotesque figure half woman-half animal, has her leg seized by a dog, while a man wearing a hooded cloak beats her with a birch.


Man and woman fighting. The woman wears a long dress and an elaborate head-dress which gives her an air of authority has seized the man’s beard and raises a  saucepan to beat him.

Supporters - Sacred monogram in an interlaced circle.


Man and woman issuing from whelk-shells. The woman in a loose fitting gown, holds a carding instrument in her right hand and a distaff in her left. The man in a buttoned doublet, holds a distaff [minus the wool] in his right hand; his left hand is in  a raised position and may well have held another implement.

Supporters- Vine-leaf.


An eagle perched on a swaddled infant [the Stanley Badge].

Left Supporter - A lion coward, sejant.

Right Supporter - A figure half-man half-lion wearing a cowled head-dress holds the lion’s tail in his left hand and has his right arm raised.


A mermaid and merman. The merman holds a stone in his right hand. The mermaid is combing her hair and holds a broken mirror in her right hand.

Supporters - Leaf


A naked woman riding a stag; she holds flowers in her right hand and her left hand is outstretched towards a scroll. Two trees flank the figures.

Supporters - Leaf


A dromedary with palm leaves in the background.

Supporters - Horned wyvern.


A double row of vine-leaves arranged round a cluster of grapes.

Supporters- Double row of vine-leaves.


Bi-corporate lion with large cupped ears and head of a bearded man.

Supporters - Wyvern.


The centre carving is defaced, but the outline suggests a tumbler.

Supporters- Hanging masks.


Large rush basket containing the head of an animal with short spiral horns and cupped ears [goat?]

Supporters- Gourd-leaf.


An owl with wings displayed.

Supporters - Leaf.


Double rose with small uncharged shield superimposed on it.

Supporters- Double rose.



Supporters - Vine-leaf.


Bearded man’s head with Eastern head-dress.

Left Supporter - Duck or goose.

Right Supporter - Ostrich holding horseshoe in its beak.


Standing figure with forked beard sowing seed, representing March.

Supporters - Leaf


Twin-tailed mermaid holding mirror and comb.

Supporters - Leaf

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Stratford-upon-Avon (Holy Trinity)