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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Lancaster Priory

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Lion or leopard courant right. Its tail is curved forward over its back.

Supporters - Missing.


On the left, a winged figure bearing in left hand a round shield. From the waist down, below a flared tunic, it has feathers and a bird’s claw.

On right, another figure , in head-dress with side-flaps and a girdled tunic, has beasts haunches and five-toed feet., and holds  large hilted

knife daggerwise. Both faces are mutilated.

Supporters - Mutilated.


The whole design includes the supporters, and appears to represent a ceremony. In the centre two figures, male and female, kneel facing

forward, with hands folded within the sleeves of their gowns. To the left of them is a panelled structure, possibly a font, with a cowled head

at its base, while behind the woman stands another figure, now badly mutilated, which appears to have been holding a goblet or similar

object. On the extreme left are two nuns kneeling in prayer, facing the centre, while on the extreme right stands three figures, two female

with a man between them. The women wear gowns one buttoned in front, the other caped, and face forward, while the man, wearing belted

tunic with wallet slung at his side, stands with body turned to right, but facing forward. It might perhaps represent a baptism.


Frontal bust of man with flowing curled hair, moustache and beard. He wears a round-necked tunic buttoned in front.

Supporters - Leaf motif.


Composite monster with human torso, beast’s haunches, and four-clawed feet. The legs are fringed with fur or hair.

Supporters - Leaf motif.


Pair of lions [mutilated].

Left Supporter - Bust of young girl in wimple and round-necked buttoned gown.

Right Supporter - A wyvern rampant. Both have roundels.


Bust of figure in flowing robes, full face, with arms raised so that the elbows and head support the bracket.

Supporters - Leaf motif.


Full face lion mask [mutilated] with flowing mane and two bodies facing inward.

Supporters - leaf motif.


Crowned figure on the left, with elaborate crown of oak-leaf design, and full beard and hair. On right walking towards him, a figure, [face mutilated] in caftan, tunic and hose.

Left Supporter - a curious form of figure with no body, but legs and head, wearing cap and hood, crouching within a roundel.

Right Supporter - a two-legged creature with human lower limbs and lion’s mane and tail. [head missing].


Badly mutilated. On left an upright oak-leaf, flanked by a broken part of a human figure. On right, a frontal female in wimple [face mutilated] and flared gown with  buttoned front and buckled girdle. One arm is raised against large upright oak-leaf  and twig.

Left Supporter - Frontal nude angel in squatting position.

Right Supporter - An athlete in act of running. Both are within roundels.






Winged and feathered figure, similar to an owl, in flight, and having a human face [mutilated] wearing a caftan.

Supporters - Leaf motif.


On left, figure of priest or cleric facing right and bearing a casket. He stands within an arcade or shrine, and on his right are two small figures [mutilated].

Supporters - Missing.

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