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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Blackburn Cathedral

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Fox preaching from the pulpit to geese

Supporters - Whorled leaf design


Hunting scene. The huntsman, longhaired and kilted, cross-belts over chest and   belt round waist, is blowing up his hounds on an

ape hunt. One hound is running from the left and on the right two [somewhat mutilated] are fighting the apes. A   male ape has hold

of one hound by the muzzle, and the mother with her baby on   her back is looking back whilst running away.

Supporters - Cinquefoil leaf design.


Wing-like treatment of conventional leaf pattern.

Supporters - Whorled leaf design.


Bold wing-like treatment of conventional leaf pattern.

Supporters - Whorled leaf design.


In the centre the tree of Life standing in the Garden of Eden; around the stem of the tree is the coiled serpent. The fruit of the tree

is very conspicuous.

[left] Adam and Eve, naked; a bird is apparently whispering to them from another tree.

[right]Adam and Eve slightly clothed, fleeing from the angel with the flaming sword.

Supporters - Fruit and foliage.


Angel with long hair holding a scroll in front of him [probably St. Matthew.]

Supporters - Whorled leaf design.


Bull [rather mutilated- St. Luke.]

Supporters - Whorled leaf design.


Lion [St. Mark]

Supporters - Whorled leaf design.

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Misericord photo page for Blackburn Cathedral