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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at St Mary’s, Beverley

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Stag Hunting. A stag lying beneath a tree has a hound on either side.

Supporters - Leaf.


Fox and goose .[Modern]


Eagle and stoat [modern]


Two foxes standing beneath trees wearing cowls with geese concealed onside. They are holding crosiers and receiving instruction from a

gowned ecclesiastic who is reading from a long scroll.

Supporters - Dog on leaf.


Elephant with castle on its back standing beneath a tree bearing large fruit.

Supporters - Laf.


Man’s face above two crossed oak leaves. He is wearing a crown and has unkempt hair.

Supporters - Laf.


Two griffins respecting each other at either side of a tree, at the base two rabbits.

Supporters - Leaf.


Bear baiting. A chained and muzzled bear is being worried by two dogs beneath a tree.

Supporters - Foliate mask.


Face between foliage. [modern]


Wildman holding a club over his shoulder between two seated lions, with two wyverns at the base.

Supporters - Leaf.


Man’s face between branches bearing flowers and leaves. He has unkempt hair small bifurcated beard and is wearing a plain hat.

Supporters - Flower.


Crowned foliate mask. [modern]

Supporters - Leaf.


A wildman standing at the left shot a fox with a bow and arrow. The fox in the centre transfixed by the arrow, is holding out a purse of

money to an ape which is chained to a clog of wood on the right. The ape is holding up a urine flask.

Supporters - Foliate mask.


Man’s face with unkempt hair wearing a round cap, a bunch of grapes issuing from each side of his mouth.

Supporters - Foliate mask


Man’s face between branches with leaves.

Supporters - Leaf. [modern]


Man’s face between leaves.

Supporters - Foliate square. [modern]


Ape parodying a doctor, holding up bag/urine flask to an ecclesiastic/richly attired man holding symbol of office who holds up a large coin;

on the other side is a man holding up what appears to be bread [or a smaller coin].


Knight with spear attacking a wyvern; another wyvern behind.

Supporters - Bird on square leaf.


Two wodehouses with clubs; on either side a dragon.

Supporters - Leaf with dragon in centre.


Knight with spear attacking a wild boar. With his left hand he is drawing his dagger to cut its throat.

Supporters - Leaf.


Flight of Alexander. King sitting cross-legged on throne, holding a sceptre in each hand; a griffin standing on a dragon on either side.

Supporters - Angel in foliage playing a cithern.


A pelican in her piety. [modern]

Supporters - Leaf.


King holding a sceptre in his right hand; with his left keeping back a nude woman riding a goat and carrying a hare under her arm. On the

king’s right a man is riding an animal and forcing its mouth open. [Samson/ Richard the Lionheart?] A dog under each rider. Possibly a

variant of the clever daughter.

Supporters - Bird with outspread wings on leaf.


Valentine and Orson meeting each other.

Supporters - Foliate mask.


Foliate mask.

Supporters - Leaf.


Below are two seated monkeys with scrolls.

Supporters - Leaf.


Head with foliage coming out of its mouth.

Supporters - Foliate mask.


Two foxes are reading from an open book on an eagle lectern.

Supporters - Leaf.

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